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What is Google AdSense?

Ad Sense is the Name of a Program run by Google where Google gives permission to individual websites to show advertisements which Google Get from advertisers and collect payment against it from advertisers.

These ads are not fixed in nature but will be based on previous searches by that particular visitor. The advertisement may vary from person to person based on their interest.

In the Google Ad Sense Approval process, Google checks the quality of your website, Content Authenticity, quality score etc. And then it gives the approval to show ads for which Google has already collected the payments. These Payments will be shares with that website owner. It’s not important for Ad Sense approval that your website should have traffic but articles on your website must be indexed.


Why Google run this program?

Whenever any company approaches Google for advertisement purposes. Google has to show it to a related audience who is looking for such products or services. In order to show that advertisement on Google, it lot of web space. Since Google cannot engage its web space for advertisements, Google prefers to present such ads on different websites owned by people like you and me.


Revenue Sharing Model Google/Publishers

For displaying ads with AdSense for content, publishers get 68% of the revenue perceived by Google regarding the service. For AdSense for search, publishers receive 51% of the income recognized by Google. These percentages are consistent, no matter what the publisher's geographic area is, and are not in any way managed between publishers. Google offers additional AdSense products including AdSense for mobile applications, AdSense for feeds, and AdSense for games.



You need to create one simple website with- Unique content Publishers Information Indexation

You don’t actually need coding or technical knowledge for Making Website.


Key Elements:

Domain:  Any website is a domain (e.g. website but for AdSense purposes, it is called a domain.

Content:  Any article, video, or image published on the website is called content.

Publisher:  One who publishes an article, images, videos, or other content on the website is called the publisher.

Index:  Recognition by Google Search Engine, not compulsory to get ranked on the first page.


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