We have developed the first no-code automated software which allows you to manage your web to socials to all the Google business profile updates with regular reporting and a self-managing system. The anemone provides you with better digital experiences for its customers. From website to socialmedia to infinite scalability at minimum cost. We provide one Stop Business Automation Solutions across the globe to fulfil your Digital requirements.


  • Smart Dashboard with updating features
  • Cost-effective plans
  • Create your business presence online in no time
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Auto SEO framework with no human intervention needed
  • Secure online platform
  • 24/7 support team on board
  • Manage website from Laptop or mobile
  • No Domain or Hosting Cost
  • Live Reporting with Comparative reports

Why Anemone For your business?

As a Software provider, we connect customers to a completely automated system to assist in the process of digital transformation. The ANEMONE DIGITAL provides numerous technical solutions using our co-creation structure that connects you with the exact technologies to address the transformation barriers and enable business success.

Business Automation

Anemone is automating your digital platforms and daily tasks. It inlines your business processes into an automated system, from combining all of your social media platforms to optimizing your website everything in one place. You can automate your work and manage digital platforms.


Absolute Social Media Handle

Our clients can get various social media platforms altogether. Without logging into all the platforms and managing them one by one. ANEMONE gives a compressive approach to managing all the platforms in one and optimizing them. From posting to GMB settings and any data updating. You are just a click away to make changes to your socials and optimize them.


Personalized Interface

Our personalized interface gives you a smart dashboard, which automates your customer tracking. Anemone comes with a built-in reporting and customer tracking system. Which allow you to track user activity on social media, websites, and Google business profile and real-time reporting.


Google Business Profile Management

With ANEMONE you can update your Google Business Profiles at any time. Google-updated info shows live on Google Maps, Search, and on other Google services. You can choose to accept, replace and discard, or edit Google updates. You can update locations with your bulk upload spreadsheet, you can import your locations without settling Google profile updates.


Comparative Reports

Anemone's Comparative Report let you analyse as many regular or active campaigns as you'd like from every client. Choose an audience and which segment to compare, and we'll show you collective and individual insights. Each Comparative Report saves the specific parameters you set. So you can generate a similar report, in the long run, to track user activity in a series of Snapshots.


Payment Dashboard

We have exclusive Banking and payment system in our Software. Where you can manage your entire payment system altogether. Without any third-party intervention. This gives you a digital payment channel in order to manage payment structure and renewal plans for clients. Also, you can customize payment gateways for you as per your business requirements.


Pre Designed website and templates

With Anemone, you can create, design, update, and manage your website by yourself. Without any intervention from a publishing partner or digital marketer. We made things handy for you with our auto SEO tool. Which will do SEO for your content with inbuilt expertise. Furthermore, making the digital presence of your business time and cost-effective. You can make changes to your website by yourself.



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