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YouTube video 

Mostly People visit YouTube for videos , according to us You videos ads are the most effective way to reach your audience and build your  brand awareness by using  you tube ads .

There are three types of video ads categories 

1- True-View ads

2- Non-skippable videos ads

3- Bumper  ads

1. TrueView Ads

TrueView ads are the skippable and these ads that appear at the beginning of YouTube video. They are  a best  place for start your ads on this platform

These are Flexible in nature

These are low risky ads

They reach around the wide audience


2. Non Skippable YouTube Ads

Non-skippable ads makes user stay on the ads . People are use to watch them especially since YouTube cut its the length to 20 second.

There are only two types of non-skippable ads in you tube :

Pre-rolled ad are the ads which appear before a video when we plays any video

Mid-rolled ad are the ads which appear at the midpoint of 10 minutes or longer then this time when we plays the video.

3. Bumper ads

Bumper ads are the most recent ads and more smaller version of non-skippable ads, lasting six seconds at most in the video. These appear at the end of videos most of the time it appears.

They’re short, bumper ads are best for targeting mobile users. These are also a great way to target your audience on low budget.

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