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Social media trends 2022

With social media being the centre of the world trends for over a decade now , people have really found their ways to monetize their passions through social media. Google is thriving to become yet another social media platform like Instagram , Facebook or Twitter with it’s latest trend of web stories and many more.

With Memes becoming the baseline for content creation across the globe , NFT's became yet another way of monetization and the trends for the same were taking over the world in the rise of 2021, with fair amount of mentions in 2022 as well .

However these trends have a limited validity and fade away after a period of time.

In this article we are going to state some major trends that were prevalent on social media amongst masses in 2022.

Augmented or virtual reality

Remember how immensely popular games like PUBG gave you a real time user experience, this tech generation has a lot more to offer , however PUBG cannot be defined as augmented reality. Not to forget mentioning another game called POKEMON GO .

Augmented reality can simply be defined as combination of virtual world with real world , which means virtual world making a substantial difference in your real world experience.

With META divulging it’s plan to make virtual reality epicenter of internet world, the concept of virtual reality is no unknown to minds across world but yet to come in experience, read how meta plans to take over metaverse .

Virtual reality was trending discussion in 2022 all over the social media as a core of artificial intelligence combined with augmented reality taking over the world from 2023 onwards.

Google ARcore is yet another example of augmented reality , using different API’s. Know what is Google ARcore.

Musical Memes

Memes are no new concept for world as they have thrived to become great way of monetizing the content for 3 to 4 years now . 2022 saw a sudden rise in Musical meme content with trending lines or statements being converted into memes and consequently into reels. Another great part of these Musical memes is that they have helped many people create a brand identity , subjective to negative or positive image , these memes have helped many people take up the influence. Nevertheless each trend has it’s own timeline, but the reach is massive . The very concept behind such a massive reach is uniqueness of this trend.

Corporate reels

While the whole world is trying to make their presence noticed , even corporate world is trying to innovate their approach towards content that they project to world.

Content creation has already been on rise for last 4 to 5 years , 2022 saw a gradual rise of corporate reels presented in a catchy way to the world. These reels consisted of the short content that that would cover up the whole information of the businesses in a compact way hence making it accessible to whole world .

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been trending ever since content creators like Bhuvan bam, carryminati, Ashish chanchlani have been active on social media.

But in today’s Era the approach towards influencer marketing has changed drastically. Earlier influencers were chosen to support a brand , today influencer are selling themselves and their brand identity. While we are constantly watching many creators on youtube, Instagram has slightly different approach , where we can see the pages and individuals selling the content and Ultimately increasing the followers .

This has led to the the ground reality of influencer marketing that is any individual , slowly and steadily fade away . Content is indeed the king in today’s time .

Video promotions

The major difference between corporate reels and video promotions is that in video promotions refer to selling individual identity merged with business selling . 2022 saw a sudden rise in these kind of video promotions where we saw different coaches , consultants , business owners and many more , provide a monologue in Instagram paid ads , describing the business and the concept they are selling. These Kind of videos actually proved to have a pretty good conversion rate and so this trend is not going to rule out any sooner now .


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