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How google maps work

Ever wondered how with the help of Google we are able to reach exact location? True to its whole term, we get the exact ‘roadmap’ of the places we may or may not want to go. How is the data so accurate that we are able to get the sub elements of that route which include geography, locations , businesses nearby,traffic highlights , traffic signs.

Google is serving no less than a miracle with such level of arrangement that is segregating all the geospatial data into a single digital application. As the time spent on roads by populations across the globe has shown staggering rise, the scope for advent and dependency on Google maps is immense.

GOOGLE STREET VIEW plays a major role in providing the complete view of any particular area, going extra mile to cover nearby ranges as well .

Here with base map partner program, Google partners with range of credible organizations like US Geological Survey, Forest Service, city and state councils to capture information of available routes , empty areas worth construction and stitching them into combination which is called Google map.

Google is diversifying the services by capturing indoor areas as well .

Studies suggest that masses spend more than 90% of time indoors and hence the indoor capturing is equally important to spread the coverage of the reach of Google and expansion of its services, with the great potential of indoors mapping.

GOOGLE EARTH is yet another dimension of Google mapping. The key difference between Google maps and Google earth is the dimension of images as 2D/3D, however with time the difference between both has been narrowed down, in order to fulfil Google’s vision to colonize it’s services into one.

However Google cannot fulfil this vision of simplification alone, the third party agencies play a major role in collection of data . Google has set a series of chain reaction which incur a give and take relationship between all other agencies and Google itself , catering to the needs of both the sides . these agencies cover the areas that Google is unable to reach and solving Google’s problem of rare data.

Rest of the problem of data observation is solved by the users , Google regularly collects , combines and updates data . This creates a chain between the parties and the data is circulated.

People still have lots of doubts on how to use Google maps , and so Google is trying to simplify its process and applications to garner a wide variety of audience.


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