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Importance Of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a boon in today’s generation where everything is colonized on web and internet. With the world being rapidly adaptive to new concepts of internet, digital marketing has led to innovation in the perception of the people. Last decade has been the boom in the digital era and is increasing substantially each time, this creates a sudden urgency for all businesses and individuals to digitalize their identity.

Let’s discuss why Digital marketing is important.

According to the studies there are 4.74 billion social media users in the world today , around 59.3 % of world’s total population. Researches also suggest that a person spends on an average of 70% of their time on social media in some or the other way. This creates a space for huge opportunity to be present digitally. Digital marketing can be defined as marketing of any business, person, or identity online. This is also done through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Understated are some benefits of Digital marketing:

COST EFFECTIVE :- This can be stated as probably the most important aspect of digital marketing. Due to internet’s super quality of close knit structure which assembles everything and can be presented as asked .

PRECISE TARGETING:- Different businesses have different audience, different categories and hence will require different kind of customer base. This is where digital marketing comes into play. Audience according to different criteria like age, gender , demographics can be targeted.

CONTROLLED FLOW OF INFORMATION:- Digital marketing provides you with authority to control how you look to the world. It is just the matter of time before someone comes across your advertising and can directly contact you. However the efforts have to be diverted towards building online image.

HUGE REACH:- Big amount of audience rendering through internet every single minute can have access to your content and can create a perception. The wide variety of audience having access to your information can create great chances for recognition.

GOOD ENGAGEMENT :- Good engagement refers to the audience showing interest in your business. In digital marketing , there are several ways to measure this engagement , which adds as another benefit of digital marketing.

MULTIPLE STRATEGIES :- In digital marketing there are various ways to market yourself, so it pretty much solves a lot of problem of dynamic market.

Though there are multiple benefits of digital marketing these were some key characteristics, that also serve as the benefit of digital marketing.

This takes us to yet another question.

How to do digital marketing?

Well nevertheless there are multiple ways to do so. There are two major ways to get into digital marketing.



As the name suggests , this is a section of digital marketing where the marketing is done in a natural way without trying to boost or push the results , viewership , or engagement. This includes social media page management , blog posts, unpaid posts etc.

This only requires a level of creativity , and is being done by almost everyone today. However the viewership and engagement depends on the content that people like and enjoy . Organic kind of marketing can be done by the businesses that have reached certain threshold and now just want to maintain that engagement.

For example if I have an Instagram page that has around 100000 followers, all my efforts will be directed towards modifying my content on the page to keep that following intact.

There is no debate over advantages or disadvantages of organic marketing. This is simply a subject worth knowing .


This section of digital marketing is slightly vast .In contradiction to organic any kind of techniques used to force results , viewership or engagement refers to inorganic marketing.

When you are a new business and you want to increase your reach , Is when inorganic way comes into play . This comes under digital marketing and hence it is accessible and economical for all .

Inorganic marketing is the need of an hour as every single day we come across new advertisements on social media platforms.

This as well is done on the same social media platforms but the approach is different.

Facebook ads , Instagram ads , Google ads , paid promotions, all come under inorganic.

It is easier to gather a reach this way and can.

Google section stands out because it has it’s own algorithm, it’s own technique. Inorganic way of marketing on Google is writing blogs , paid promotions , AdSense , web stories , affiliate marketing. However all the ways stated above can also be done organically but with very less rate of conversion.

Inorganic on social media can be done by running advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

There are ways to set criteria of who can access your advertisements, the criteria of location, viewer segment is the most common.

The drawback of traditional marketing ways was uncertainty and lack of target , which was almost unsolvable

Which is why digital came up to cover almost all loopholes that traditional marketing ways were unworthy of .


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