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Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving field. As time passes, the methodologies and strategies used, get more and more distinguishable from the past.

It’s of utmost importance that a digital practitioner evolves him/herself of the changes that are happening at a fast pace.

2019, is going to be another crazy year, which will bring a lot of updates and innovation along. With an increasing number of players joining each minute, it becomes imperative to stand out of the crowd. And what other way to display your uniqueness by being up to date with the latest trends that are occurring in this particular timezone.

In this article we’re going to discuss all the latest digital marketing trends that are to be adopted in order to stay and still function in the game this year:

1. Voice Search

Now, voice search is not a new term anymore. It has been around for quite a while now. With that said, it has never been more important to bring in Voice Search optimization techniques into your digital strategy.

According to ComScore, almost 50%‌ of all web searches will be voice by 2020. And most adults prefer short and quick answers, which they can now achieve via Voice Search.

With voice searches, its everything or nothing, either the machine (Alexa, Siri etc) will read out your website’s content or not.

Therefore, it’s important for your business to start optimizing for the same, and to incorporate more conversational paras in your content along with targeting long-tail keywords which focusses on questions.

It’s also recommended to have an FAQ section dedicated to a topic, which could potentially trigger your search listing.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the most powerful marketing tools that can be easily leveraged by us digital professional to encourage customer engagement and increase conversions exponentially. It’s easily one of the most prominent upcoming trends in 2019.

A huge portion of adults has reported that chatbots are their go-to feature for communicating with a firm. It’s because of the numerous advantages chatbots present the users with, such as; no waiting period (unless humans involved), fast and relevant replies, tailored and personalized messages, and much more.

Many businesses have already started leveraging this huge opportunity, now it’s time for yours. There are numerous solutions for chatbots available on the web, make sure to examine each’s pros and cons before you decide to go with one.

3. Video Marketing and Live Videos

Video marketing is going no-where. Last year we saw how much of an engagement difference a video creative made and how businesses are leveraging it. In 2019 it’s no different, in fact, it’s just getting bigger and bigger.

Due to technological advancement and cheap internet rates, videos and live streaming are more accessible than it ever was.

Statistically, videos and live streams boast a significantly high engagement rate and are proven to be more productive in marketing campaigns.

If your firm is not utilizing this format of media, it’s missing out on a lot of potential customers, not to mention big clients. Gone are the days where videos used to be a luxury, now it’s a necessity.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The word “A.I.” and “machine learning” has been used almost a gazillion times now. Almost as much that they can be officially termed as the “buzz word of the year”. Okay, seriously, A.I. is changing the way the digital world functions, as we speak.

The technology is ever-advancing and with more and more innovation we are now capable of advanced marketing with the help of A.I. Even currently, this technology is being used and tested on several projects, Google Ads uses A.I. to find the most suitable prospect for a particular ad and this is the same with many big applications these days.

With new technologies, we can now profile our prospects better than ever. With a couple of decades of data at our desk, left to be uncovered, A.I. can analyze and suggest advanced strategies as well as customization to maximize conversions and profits.

Although, still at its infancy, it’s important to know that business has already started investing in new technologies for a better outcome. It will only be a good idea to do the same for yours.

5. Content Marketing and Personalization

We all know that content is one of the most powerful influential tools a marketer can use. Landing pages, blogs, and email marketing copy, all these mediums rely highly on the content being communicated to nurture and educate the prospect.

Content-Personalization has been around for quite a while now. Dynamic Subject and Reciever name in emails are not new. But now, with A.I. we can analyze and scrutinize various datasets of our customers to translate it into a meaningful persona. A persona which is identical to that of the prospects, and will increase the relevancy of marketing efforts exponentially.

In 2019, more and more businesses will opt for sophisticated solutions than can deduct the most relevant personas of their prospects using A.I. This is why it will soon become a necessity.

6. Email Marketing and Automation

Automation has always been here for a long time. With new technologies being introduced, the process has become more and more lenient and leverageable for business.

In 2019, one can run advanced drip marketing. Promotional marketing based on each step of customer’s feedback. Dynamic remarketing to push the most relevant ads to the prospects at the right time and much more.

7. Mobile Pages and AMP

It’s no news that mobile devices are now having more active users than desktop. This is very crucial information as we need to optimize our online property in order to properly capture customers on mobile devices.

Google has even stated that they will be considering your mobile performance while ranking your site for desktop (mobile-first indexing).

Therefore, this year it’s totally unavoidable to optimize your mobile site or app so that it functions fast and smooth.

Another feature called “AMP” or “Accelerated Mobile Pages” can also be leveraged to make your website significantly faster on mobile devices.


We are in for a ride this year, with new advancements and technologies hitting our doors, we are bound to adopt to newer environments of digital marketing. From Chatbots to A.I. powered solutions, businesses will be leveraging them all.

Now, it’s up to the individual decision-maker to incorporate new strategies or be lost in the sea of competition.

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