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How to Optimize and Recover from Google’s EAT Update

How to Optimize and Recover from Google’s EAT Update

After Google’s Medic Update, things do have changed and our job is to continuously evolve and leverage the modern scenarios for our betterment.

Not every can now and begin writing on a topic hoping that it will rank somewhere one day. It just won’t happen anymore. It’s our duty to keep our content genuinely helpful for the users, which will make us incorporate strategies to achieve the same.

Here are some of the things one can do in order to optimize for Google’s respective update:

About Us Page:

As the background and expertise of a site matters so it’s always a must to include why your website is an authentic source of information and should be trusted with. Include qualification and achievements in the respective page to improve overall credibility.

Authors’ Bio:

It’s crucial to include academic or any other type of qualifications that shows that a person is indeed eligible for providing legitimate advice regarding a critical subject that needs professional assistance to go with it. If the website has several authors make sure to optimize and update each individually. An archive page in correlation to about us page containing all the qualified team members and authors can really have a key impact.

Get Actual Experts:

It’s really disheartening to say, but the days are gone when anyone from any background was able to give advice on any topic/niche and get an audience in return. Things have changed nowadays and Google is giving much more priority to content from directly from qualified and experienced experts (this update well-acknowledges it).

Although it’s not always practical to hire or get experts to either write or review content for you but in today’s scenario it would be really difficult to rank without it. Alternatively, one can even showcase his/her personal experience regarding a subject if there aren’t many specialities out there for the same.

Try to be the helper:

There are sites that are designed with the sole purpose of converting an audience into either buying a product or using a service or even watching ads, then there are sites that are made with the sole purpose to help audience with the respective topic and deliver clarity in the form of information.

Now the majority of websites fall under the category of “want to help the users by delivering content but also inclines over to selling some sort of product”.

Google likes the helping guy, and prefers it over any type of content that it might think can be commercially biased. Although as you’re running a business your main goal will always be to gain as much profit as possible, it can be a good idea to come as a helper and not directly as a seller.

Quality Content:

Google loves quality and if we think about it, that’s ultimately their main objective to accomplish with every other update. So why would it be different for this one, a great piece of content along with credible author(s) is the ideal thing here. Always try to comply with the E-A-T parameters of Google.

Add FAQ Sections:

This has always been good advice, a FAQ section/ page help sort out problems by the user and access the solution as per individual needs.

This will lead to better user experience and more engagement, which in turn will lead to higher credibility and better search listing.

Have a Good Social Media Presence:

Your social media presence has always been one of the off-page factors that Google takes into account.

Engage with your audience, help them solve their problems and try to build an authentic presence there. Go on the most popular Social Media Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (depending on your target audience) and start engaging, it will lead to wonderful results.

Try to improve the domain authority and page authority: A dedicated effort should be put in for improving the domain authority as well as page authority of the sites. This will help the websites to be visible on the top of the search engine results

Carry out high-quality conversations on Forums and community boards: In order to create further user engagement, conversations on the forums as well as community boards should be carried out. It is advisable for someone from the business to solve the user’s queries and also their concerns if any. These conversations help to improve the credibility of the business and help them to index higher on the search engines.

How do you recover from a Google’s Medic Update hit?

It’s always possible that your website has become a victim of a Google’s update and get punished for reasons that you may not know right away. That’s why it’s always advised to look further into the matter and take steps accordingly to undo as much damage as possible within the least time frame.

It’s not a pleasant feeling, waking up to an algorithm hit. Here are some of the things you can do in order to recover from Google’s Medic Update hit:

  •  Try to revamp the content on your website. Try to make it more relevant as well as informative.
  • Improve and optimize the about-us page of your website. Put up detailed and authentic. information in this section of your website.
  • Work on domain authority and page authority of your website, to boost its ranking in the search page.
  • Try to get experts to review or vet your articles if not write them for your website, this not only adds to the article’s expertise column but to the authoritativeness of your site as a whole.
  • Include legitimate sources of data that is used in the article, try to leverage the sayings and open advice of other experts in the field and caption them within your post for credibility purposes.

What has been the overall impact of Google’s Medic Update?

As one of the most impactful tweaks in the ever-changing algorithm of Google, Medic Update has affected nearly almost every site one can imagine, one way or the other. Some have benefited hugely from this and some dropped hard in rankings.

Sites like WebMD which includes credible sources of information and have a squad of professionals and a plethora of qualified authors is now doing much much better.

The same case can also be said for big e-commerce businesses which are now favoured much more in searches over small sites as the trust and authority build-up is significantly higher for giants like eBay and Amazon etc.

On the other side of things, fitness blogs that gave advice to average men/women without some form of paper to show for it have suffered low rankings.

Big firms with businesses located in multiple locations have been rewarded with higher rank where a small website that is based on 1-2 locations have been de-ranked and trailed off to the bottom of the SERP.

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