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Linkedin Ads

There are different LinkedIn ad formats that you can leverage through the platform. The most popular ad formats include:

  • Sponsored Content ads
  • Direct Sponsored Content ads 
  • Sponsored InMail ads
  • Text Message Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Lead Gen Forms 

Sponsored Content and Direct Sponsored Content

In Sponsored/Direct Sponsored Content, you are able to promote your company updates, share content, drive users to a landing page, and more to targeted audiences on desktop, mobile, and tablet. in this ads either use a cost per click model or a cost per thousand impressions model.

You are able to use Direct Sponsored Content to personalize and test content in the news feed without creating posts on your LinkedIn company page.


Sponsored InMail

In this Users view Sponsored InMail messages across all the devices use this app . This allows you to generating more leads and engaging your target audience by delivering personalized, private messages right to their LinkedIn inbox. 

Text Ads

in this types of ads are very similar to Google/Bing search ads. You are able to create multiple ad groups as per campaign, it makes easy to test out the best-performing images and copy. There is option for ads to either use a cost per click model or cost per thousand impressions model.

Dynamic Ads

Engage users with dynamically generated, personalized ads. Make users to like your company page or apply for a job. You can also instantly generate leads and enable the content to downloads, such as the download of an ebook or whitepaper, directly from the ad itself. 

Lead Gen Forms

These ads are very important 58% of marketers say increasing lead generation is the most important goal in marketing . this ads Collect more quality leads from your ads on LinkedIn with pre-filled forms with user’s LinkedIn profile . 

Lead Generation forms look very similar to Sponsored Content on the news feed. These  are available in Sponsored Content & Sponsored InMail also. The advantage of using Lead Gen Forms is that a user does not have to leave LinkedIn in order to fill out a form. 

Choose the fields used in the form and create up to three custom fields.Stay tuned for other blog posts on a basics of LinkedIn Advertising and a step-by-step guide on setting up LinkedIn Ads!

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