SMS is one of the most personal and instant marketing channel similar to email. It’s a permission based marketing where you acquire leads from customers, generally through opt in forms. As we’re personally connected to our smartphones almost all hours of the day, it’s very useful for us marketers to get that attention time through an SMS campaign.


Why use service?

SMS marketing is a potent marketing channel which can be applied to almost any level of the conversion funnel. SMS can be used to get into the user’s personal space which will highly increase the chance of them capturing our message. SMS has a spectacular open rate with over 90% of messages being read in the first 3 min (Source: Forbes), making it one of the most engaging and influential medium.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • Highly personal medium

    Our phones are one of our most personal belongings and through SMS we can basically invade the personal space and influence them through the same.

  • High engagement rate

    Majority of the SMS are opened within minutes and have a very high open rate of above 90%.

  • Bulk Channel

    SMS is mostly used as a bulk based marketing channel, it's relatively cheap and can be sent to thousands of prospects simultaneously

  • Highly versatile channel

    SMS marketing can be used to implement a lot of campaigns including rewarding your customers, converting them, brand awareness and almost any campaign type you can think of.


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