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Twitter Ads

we run these ads on twitter for increase our reach and generate leads or reputation management.

Types of Twitter ads


1. Promoted tweets

In this types ads advertiser pays to display tweet to people who are not already following them on Twitter. Like regular tweets, they can be retweeted from the account , liked and so on. They looks just like regular tweets by them, too, except that they have a label that says “Promoted.” as identity of the ads.

2. Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts are  allow you to promote your Twitter account to targeted Twitter users who don’t yet follow you but might find your content interesting according to their interest .

These ads are displayed in potential followers’ timelines, as well as in the Who to Follow suggestions and search results. They include a Follow button and are clearly identified as Promoted ads.

3. Promoted Trends

Trending topics on Twitter are talked about subjects on the social network, appearing on users’ profile timeline , on the Explore tab, and on the Twitter application . Promoted Trends allow you to promote a hashtag at the top of that list in their account.this ads show your ads with hashtag on the top

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