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What is Google 360º View and Why to Leverage It!

What is Google 360º View and Why to Leverage It!

Have you ever wondered, what would be the outcome if somehow your audience was able to virtually tour your entire store? Or if they were able to explore your surroundings and make themselves familiar first. Wouldn’t it be a much more efficient way to market?

Well, there’s a solution just for the same. Google’s 360º gives the power to businesses to put up their store’s virtual profile onto the web for customers to explore.

Google 360º view is a technology that allows you to upload images captured with either 360º cameras or edited for the same purpose. A business can then have it up on their Google my business page.

This feature that Google has provided us with has various features and benefits, which we are going to discuss next:

1. Increases engagement

This one is pretty obvious if you’re allowing the customer to have a tour of your virtual surroundings, then it directly increases the engagement.

The customer will have a good impression on the business along with a great online experience. It also increases sharability as people are more likely to share good experiences.

2. Increases sharability

Having an option to virtually explore a store is an extravagance only a few businesses are providing to the customer.

This increases the uniqueness of a business as well as the chances of being shared or recommended by other customers. This is because people tend to remember the experiences that are out of the box.

3. Higher Chance of Conversion

If a customer is viewing your 360º media, chances are that he/she is interested in the type of services you and your competitors provide.

Now, if your business goes a step ahead to provide the functionality to preview their whole infrastructure and the building, then it increases the chance of conversion over other competitors who aren’t leveraging this technique yet.

Reason being; people tend to recall stores with unorthodox but exciting experiences.

Final Words:

Although the benefits of incorporating this strategy is one of the best thing you can do, it’s crucial to point out that you should be very selective of the mediatory to use while implementing the same.

This is because, a low-quality 360º doesn’t only provide a “not so great” experience, but also takes away the attention from your customers and leaves a bad remark.

We at Biztraffics strive to provide the finest Google 360º solution for any business of any sort. With our high-quality gear and experienced experts, we have been successfully been able to implement this strategy for 100s of businesses with mesmerizing outcomes. And the good news is that we can do the same for you.

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