What is Google’s VPS? And how to use it to your benefit!

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People have been integrating technologies into their daily lives since its prime. With tech juggernauts coming into the picture, mainstream adoption has curved it’s way to the top. Common people now call for a plethora of technical systems in their lives to make it more efficient and comfortable as per their requirements.

One such utility happens to be GPS, allowing almost anyone connected to the network to be able to navigate the locality with precise mappings and directions. From day to day navigators to businesses, this piece of technology has revolutionized the travel sector.

And now with the advent of VPS (visual positioning system), it has paved the way to incorporate a modern way of navigating and interacting with the world. Are we looking at a transition from our old GPS system, and what is this VPS? This article attempts to answer those questions.

What is  VPS?

Virtual Positioning System is a technology that utilizes advanced machine learning and cloud computing to cast information about our exact surroundings. It takes in data from our current environment and creates an augmented 3D version of it for us to explore.

This includes projecting prices of a restaurant in front of you, the name of the statue your clicking the picture of, a virtual guide to show you around the city and much more.

How can it be useful?

From advanced robotics to business marketing. VPS can be incorporated to be of immense help and efficiency. People can now be much more interactive with their instant environment in general, like banks, airports, parks, hotels etc.

Most importantly, businesses are allowed to position themselves in such a way so that it can capture the attention of the people around their locality. If done correctly, this can highly leverage the reach of a business, especially if it’s catering to people around its vicinity.

How to make the most of it?

Business can incorporate strategies to make sure their business are well represented to their customers near them. People will rely on navigation technologies to find their way towards business so it’s important to increase one’s reach to the maximum via local SEO and proper local listings.

One should also give out as much info as possible on local listings for the potential customers to skim through, as the more they’re educated about your business the more likely they’re to make a move.


VPS is seemingly a revolutionizing advancement in the way we interact with the real world. We must strive to utilize it wisely and leverage business positions when there are opportunities.

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